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Wi-Fi is an incredibly powerful resource that connects people, business, and increasingly the Internet of Things (IoT). It is used our homes, businesses, favorite cafes, and many of our public spaces. However, it is also an incredibly complex technology. Designing, deploying, and maintaining a successful WLAN is no easy task! My goal is to make that task easier for WLAN administrators of all skill levels through education, knowledge-sharing, and community involvement.

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- Andrew von Nagy


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Wi-Fi Design Poster

Download the Wi-Fi Design Poster and print it off as a reference. It covers the 4 critical aspects of design, an overview of the design process, and 10 high performance tips & tricks. The poster is a collaboration between Revolution Wi-Fi and Ekahau, Inc.

Download the Poster

Wi-Fi Capacity Infographic

Wi-Fi deployments are increasingly driven by capacity requirements not simply RF coverage. Download the Wi-Fi capacity infographic to understand what factors affect Wi-Fi network capacity and how to leverage Ekahau Site Survey features to ensure successful WLAN design to meet your requirements.

Download the Wi-Fi Capacity Infographic

Capacity Planner version 2.0

Updated with new features, including:
Capacity Analysis Visualizations
Mesh Network Planning
Enhanced Planning for Future Growth
Exportable PDF Reports
Modern Color Scheme (for easier printing, etc.)

Check out the new features on the capacity planner page



Ready to learn about Wi-Fi? Read the blog to stay up-to-date on the latest Wi-Fi happenings, or to learn the basics.

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Fast Roaming Whitepaper

Find out how fast secure roaming works with the new Wi-Fi Alliance Voice-Enterprise certification program, which encompasses IEEE 802.11r/k/v advancements.

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