Download the New 'Wi-Fi Design Poster' Today!

Performing a proper Wi-Fi design is critical to success. Modern WLANs have grown ever more complex, having to provide high quality coverage, meet density and capacity requirements, facilitate user mobility and roaming, all while minimizing both Wi-Fi interference and external RF interference. The new 'Wi-Fi Design Poster' can provide a quick reference for wireless engineers. The poster was a collaborative effort between myself and Ekahau.

The poster covers the 4 critical aspects of Wi-Fi design, an overview of the design process, and 10 high-performance Wi-Fi tips and tricks.

Download and print yours today! It is available as both a poster and an infographic. We hope you like it :) Please share it if you think others would benefit as well.

* Note - This image is ONLY A PREVIEW! Please follow the link to download the FULL VERSION.