Push It To The Limit! Understand Wi-Fi’s Breaking Point to Design Better WLANs

This is the fourth and final blog post in the WLAN capacity planning series. Be sure to read the first, second, and third posts.

We all want high performing WLANs. In order to do that we must push Wi-Fi to its limits! 

(Cue Scarface Theme, verse 1)…

Push it to the limit!
Walk along the perimeter edge
But don’t look up, just keep your head
And you’ll be finished

Survey to the limit!
Past the point of no bandwidth
You’ve reached the edge but still you gotta learn
How to build it

Hit the floor and double your pace
Laptop wide open like an engineer outta hell
And you crush the speed test

Going for the back of every room
Nothing gonna stop you
There’s no wall that strong
So close now, battery near the brink
So, push it!

We walk a fine line when designing wireless networks, attempting to push as many users and bandwidth through our APs as possible, ensuring adequate capacity is available to meet demand, while not overbuilding the network. But what are the limits and how do we know we’ve hit them? Or more importantly, how do we plan and design Wi-Fi networks to make sure we don’t hit these limits?

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