New Version 2.0 Just Released!

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'How Many APs Do I Need?'

No more guessing based on device counts
or rule-of-thumb cell sizing


Quickly Analyze 'What-If' Scenarios

Determine the best design for your network by adjusting AP and client device types, channel width, client mix, and applications on-the-fly


Capacity Analysis (new in version 2.0!)

Visualize capacity utilization and the impact caused by client devices with varying capabilities. Data is shown by:

  • Protocol version

  • Frequency band

  • Application type (data, voip/real-time)

  • Spatial streams

  • Channel width

Quickly determine the impact of legacy clients on your network!


Mesh Network Planning
(new in version 2.0!)

Plan 5 GHz single-channel mesh networks to determine how many root nodes are necessary to meet capacity requirements and the per-hop mesh network performance. Use an existing client capacity plan or manually configure mesh network capacity requirements.


Multiple Uses

Use the Capacity Planner for predictive WLAN design, Wi-Fi training and education, RFP proposals, project scoping, and creating a bill of materials (BOM)


Airtime vs Association

Forecast WLAN capacity based on
either client airtime demand or association limits per-AP radio


Iterative Design Approach

Use Capacity Planner in conjunction with RF planning tools in an iterative approach to derive a design that meets both coverage and capacity requirements


PDF Reports

Save the capacity plan data, capacity analysis visualizations, and mesh network plan as a PDF report. Great for project documentation and for communicating with management to explain technical concepts in an easy-to-understand format to influence budgeting and planning.

Check out a few sample reports:
Client capacity plan report
Mesh network plan report

You can still download the original Revolution Wi-Fi Capacity Planner version 1.0 using this link


Looking for the standalone SSID Overhead Calculator?

There is a version embedded within the capacity planner... but sometimes you just want the original.
Here you go :)

Download link:

- Andrew von Nagy