Understanding WLAN Capacity Limits: Clients Are Your Achilles Heel

Capacity is driven by not only the WLAN infrastructure, but just as importantly by the WLAN clients. I had the opportunity to work with Darrell DeRosia on the testing and creating of this presentation and was originally scheduled to co-present before having to back out. Darrell does a superb job of combining my predictive capacity planner data with real-world measurements to show how different clients impact the airtime and capacity on a Wi-Fi network. This presentation also highlights how real-world data validates the accuracy of the Revolution Wi-Fi Capacity Planner(TM)! Darrell works at Comcast as a Principle Engineer on the Xfinity Wi-Fi network.

Capacity Planning with iBwave Wi-Fi

Want to learn more about the critical aspects of capacity planning and how it can lead to great Wi‑Fi networks? Or want to get a firsthand look at iBwave's revolutionary new capacity planning capabilities? Join us with industry expert Andrew von Nagy, as he talks about the critical aspects of Wi‑Fi network design and capacity planning.

Gigabit Wi-Fi: Not So Fast

This webinar will dive into the marketing surrounding 802.11ac and Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, assess practicalities of implementation on WLANs, and analyze the reliance on throughput as measure of WLAN performance. Plus it includes a demo of Ekahau Site Survey, including a sneak peek of the forthcoming Mac OS X version!

7 Myths of 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi

Many aspects of Wi-Fi operation and performance can be counter-intuitive, which can ultimately lead to poor design decisions and a poor experience for the users on the network. Join us for this webinar, led by industry expert Andrew von Nagy, to learn about the 7 most common myths surrounding 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi that leads to poor-performing Wi-Fi networks, the realities of those myths and how to design high-performing Wi-Fi networks.

Great Wi-Fi Starts with Proper Design

Learn how to design a Wi-Fi network that meets all of your needs from Aruba and Revolution Wi-Fi. This webinar covers the 7 C's of WLAN Design:
1. Conversation - Identify Business Goals
2. Capabilities - Technical Solution Requirements
3. Capacity - How Many APs Do You Need Based on Client Density, Applications and Use-Case
4. Coverage - Provide a High Quality Signal Everywhere You Need It
5. Contention - Minimize Co-Channel Interference (CCI) and Client Contention within a Cell
6. Configuration - Tailor WLAN Configuration to Match the Design Goals
7. Confirmation - Validate What Has Been Deployed Matches What Was Designed

WLAN Capacity Planning: From Concept to Practice

Uploaded by Wireless LAN Professionals on 2017-05-17.

Going Beyond RF Coverage: Designing for Capacity

Uploaded by Wireless LAN Professionals on 2017-05-09.

Wi-Fi Design Part 1 - Forecasting AP Capacity

The key to supporting increased demand on the WLAN is to design the network for capacity rather than simply coverage. The first step in designing a WLAN to meet capacity demands is to perform adequate requirements gathering. This starts with a proper understanding of client device capabilities.

Recorded Feb. 2013

Wi-Fi Design Part 2 - RF Planning

In this video, I explain the key RF principles that you should consider when designing a Wi-Fi network.

Recorded Feb. 2013

Wi-Fi Design Part 3 - WLAN Configuration Best Practices

In this video, I explain the best practices for configuring a Wi-Fi network for high capacity environments.

Recorded Feb. 2013