Gigabit Wi-Fi: Not So Fast

This webinar will dive into the marketing surrounding 802.11ac and Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, assess practicalities of implementation on WLANs, and analyze the reliance on throughput as measure of WLAN performance. Plus it includes a demo of Ekahau Site Survey, including a sneak peek of the forthcoming Mac OS X version!

7 Myths of 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi

Many aspects of Wi-Fi operation and performance can be counter-intuitive, which can ultimately lead to poor design decisions and a poor experience for the users on the network. Join us for this webinar, led by industry expert Andrew von Nagy, to learn about the 7 most common myths surrounding 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi that leads to poor-performing Wi-Fi networks, the realities of those myths and how to design high-performing Wi-Fi networks.

Great Wi-Fi Starts with Proper Design

Learn how to design a Wi-Fi network that meets all of your needs from Aruba and Revolution Wi-Fi. This webinar covers the 7 C's of WLAN Design:
1. Conversation - Identify Business Goals
2. Capabilities - Technical Solution Requirements
3. Capacity - How Many APs Do You Need Based on Client Density, Applications and Use-Case
4. Coverage - Provide a High Quality Signal Everywhere You Need It
5. Contention - Minimize Co-Channel Interference (CCI) and Client Contention within a Cell
6. Configuration - Tailor WLAN Configuration to Match the Design Goals
7. Confirmation - Validate What Has Been Deployed Matches What Was Designed

WLAN Capacity Planning: From Concept to Practice

In this presentation, I describe my methodology for WLAN design that integrates capacity planning and RF planning, demo the Revolution Wi-Fi Capacity Planner, and provide a real-world example.

Recorded Feb. 2015 at Wireless LAN Professionals Conference

Going Beyond RF Coverage: Designing for Capacity

In this presentation I provide a conceptual overview of WLAN capacity, including a definition what constitutes WLAN capacity, identifying how to measure capacity, and providing a framework for integrating capacity planning into the WLAN design process.

Recorded Feb. 2014 at Wireless LAN Professionals Conference

Wi-Fi Design Part 1 - Forecasting AP Capacity

The key to supporting increased demand on the WLAN is to design the network for capacity rather than simply coverage. The first step in designing a WLAN to meet capacity demands is to perform adequate requirements gathering. This starts with a proper understanding of client device capabilities.

Recorded Feb. 2013

Wi-Fi Design Part 2 - RF Planning

In this video, I explain the key RF principles that you should consider when designing a Wi-Fi network.

Recorded Feb. 2013

Wi-Fi Design Part 3 - WLAN Configuration Best Practices

In this video, I explain the best practices for configuring a Wi-Fi network for high capacity environments.

Recorded Feb. 2013