SSID Overhead, Now There's an App for that!

One of the more popular reasons that people visit my website is to understand why too many SSIDs is an issue on a WLAN. I've written about performance degradation issues due to network overhead and subsequently released an SSID Overhead Calculator. The drawback to the tool is that it's in Microsoft Excel format. This makes it's use limited to people who have Excel and is only really available on workstations (not mobile devices) which makes it hard to use on-the-fly while in the field or in front of a customer.

Thanks to collaboration with Ryan Adzima, we are announcing the availability of the Revolution Wi-Fi SSID Overhead Calculator as an Apple iOS application today! You can download it here:

The iOS application provides the full functionality of the original tool right on your phone and tablet. You can adjust beacon data rate, beacon frame size, beacon interval, number of SSIDs, and number of APs on the channel. The circular bar displays the amount of overhead that the combinations will cause on your WLAN as well as a severity indication and recommendations to improve performance.

Here are a few screenshots:

Big shoutout to Ryan for working with me to enhance this tool to provide another method for community users to leverage this data. 

Andrew von Nagy