Finding Older Articles While The Blog is Migrated

If you hadn't noticed, the Revolution Wi-Fi website was recently migrated from Blogger to Squarespace. While I like the new look on the website, some of the features on the old site aren't yet replicated on the new site. Additionally, cached web search results still point to old URLs causing "webpage not found" errors from Google and others.

If you're looking for older blog posts or pages, you have two options:

  1. Go to the old website still at
  2. Add the "/revolutionwifi/" directory into URL address for any blog post

Additionally, all of the categorized article topics are available on the old website at

Finally, I've fixed all of the old URL links embedded within blog posts that were broken right after the blog migration due to the different directory structure. Ugh! But I've fixed this now... so all good there :)

I will also be adding Search and Categories to the new website once I have time. Thanks for your patience while I complete this work!

Andrew von Nagy