Misguided Meru

--Mobile post--

Meru gets confused about control-plane versus management-plane functionality in one of their recent blog posts. (I am not linking to the blog post because I don't want to help drive traffic to potentially the worst Wi-Fi article in a long time).

There are many things wrong in the blog, and I won't bother to go through them point by point. But I'll highlight one that hasn't been mentioned on Twitter discussions yet. I'm also posting this on my site since they've already demonstrated that they won't publish comments that disagree with them on their own blogs or have a real discussion about their position. They just want to blast marketing FUD.

They state: "...'what' the control-plane function provides is much more important than 'where' the function resides. Therefore the model you choose (local, WAN, cloud, private cloud, virtual, AP) should have no bearing on the functionality of your Wi-Fi."

What?! Are they really serious?! This is inherently wrong because a control-plane outage has operational impact on the network. That's why enterprise network admins spend so much time designing WAN architecture and redundant controller architectures.

If I were an enterprise customer, I would seriously be questioning the ability for Meru to understand customer requirements at this point, let alone build products to meet them.

Cheers, out!