My IPv6 Mission

I've decided that I've procrastinated long enough. Therefore, over the next few months I'm on a mission, an IPv6 mission. I'll be reading as much material as I can get my hands on, deploying native IPv6 on my home network (including WLAN), and connecting to Hurricane Electric's tunnel broker service for native IPv6 Internet access.

To help me get started, I've acquired the following resources:

Cisco 871W Router
This router is a bit older, but it was easy to acquire, can run dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 which gives me support for both protocols in my home (because not all of my clients support IPv6, like my Roku and Wii), and it is still receiving software upgrades from Cisco. I won't be using the integrated radio in this unit since it's ancient by fast-moving Wi-Fi standards (802.11g only; when this unit first came out it didn't even support AES-CCMP... so yeah, the radio hardware is a bit old).
Aerohive AP 330 (x2, and one AP 170)
Let's not overlook IPv6 for our Wi-Fi clients! I already have an Aerohive WLAN at home, and it supports IPv6 client access. The AP 330s have two 3x3:3 MIMO radios, full enterprise-class features, and mesh networking which I've extended out to my garage (hey, the man garage cave needs streaming Internet radio while I'm working on my motorcycle)!
IPv6 Essentials, 2nd Edition
Deploying IPv6 Networks
IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

I'll be posting what I learn as I go on this blog. I'll also be tweeting what I learn and my progress using the #IPv6Mission hashtag on Twitter. 

Follow along if you're new to IPv6, and I hope you enjoy! Even if you are familiar with IPv6, I'll be covering specific implementation details for Wi-Fi networks, which can be a bit different animal than wired IPv6 (there are a few gotchas that you'll need to be aware of - but let's save those for another post). And for those IPv6 experts out there, I may just need some help from time to time :)