The Wi-Fi Creed

Vendors have a tendency to bash one another. But despite their differences, they share many beliefs in common. I would like to invite all Wi-Fi vendors to set aside their differences and gather together in professing a common love for this wonderful technology that changes our lives.

I’ll take the first step, and throw out some competitor love. After all, many of us in this industry recognize the innovation of others. I’ll do this by attempting to define a common set of goals that every Wi-Fi vendor should strive to meet. But I will do so by using product marketing catchphrases that various Wi-Fi vendors use. I think it gives it a little twist and creates an inclusive attitude. I call this “The Wi-Fi Creed”.

The Wi-Fi Creed

We BELIEVE in the power of RF, because layer 1 is where we flex our beams, showing the true power of wireless;

We commit to MOVE the industry forward, through the power of standards development and the industry might of our market leaders;

We provide SEAMLESS mobility through the world around us, which enables new applications and improves service delivery for our customers;

We enforce strong security, providing a CLEAR PASS to users and devices only when they meet the defined policy;

We must be ADAPTIVE and flexible, embracing change and moving in new directions when the market demands;

We pledge to translate customer business needs into a MULTI-SERVICE technology solution, capable of delivering robust features;

We aim to SIMPLI-FI enterprise networks, so customers and partners can effectively design, deploy and support mission-critical networks;

We keep PULSE on technologies that change our lives, society, and culture and identify ways to enhance their usefulness;

We strive to meet the demand brought by a dizzying ARRAY of new mobile devices and their explosive growth;

We resolve to shout out from every ROOFNET, evangelizing the power of Wi-Fi!

Won’t you join me?

Andrew vonNagy

P.S. – For brownie points, can you match each statement to the Wi-Fi vendor J