Wi-Fi Alliance Rebrands Hotspot 2.0 as Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint

In case you didn't seen the press release back on May 8th, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced official branding for the Hotspot 2.0 program as Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint (TM).

The initial focus remains on service provider and carrier integration for easier authentication and better security on Wi-Fi hotspots. However, there are provisions for other identification and authentication methods to the network that could enable other web identities to be used, such as common social media usernames and passwords. These other methods will be critical for consumer adoption on non-cellular devices, such as Wi-Fi only tablets and laptops, which are heavily favored today over cellular models due to lack of bundled pricing by carriers and higher expense of data plans.

You can register on the Wi-Fi Alliance's website to download this free whitepaper on the Passpoint program.