Cisco Live Twitter Presence

I previously discussed the value of Cisco Live! as a professional networking tool to bring virtual communities together. Well, the highlight video compiled reflects the direct influence that social media had during the event.

A Few Members of our Twitter Group Give a Shout-Out for the Camera!
Includes left-to-right (@networkingnerd, @DougTrex600, @aconaway,
@revolutionwifi@okonovalov@avalonhawk, @amyengineer, and @radzima)
You can see our Twitter group represented in the following highlight video at the 1:06-1:08 mark (un-official tweetup table outside registration, aka "Tom's Corner" @networkingnerd) and again at the 3:11-3:13 mark (customer appreciation event, reserved tweetup area).

A special thanks goes out to conference organizer and tweetup promoter @Kappadonna!

The power of social media!


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