Article Round-Up: 02/11/2011

Here are a collection of Wi-Fi related articles that I have found useful, interesting, or enlightening. As always, for a complete list of articles check out my shared article feed from Google Reader.

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General Wi-Fi Articles
Retail Wi-Fi / Mobility Articles
  • JCPenney is integrating iPads in-store for increased customer influence.
  • Nordstrom sees their business evolving from customer-focused to customer-driven by excelling at e-commerce, multi-channel, and improved customer experience in-store through Wi-Fi.
  • InformationWeek talked about how Location Based Services are driving customer store visits and influencing purchase decisions. LBS will evolve from GPS style navigation and check-ins to in-store product search and promotions over RFID and Wi-Fi. Be prepared.
  • While we're on LBS, check out NearBuy's Micro-Location Solution.
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