Articles Worth Reading: 01/08/2011

Here are a collection of articles from the past week that I have found useful, interesting, or enlightening. As always, for a complete list of articles check out my shared article feed from Google Reader.

This week was packed with Wi-Fi related news, thanks largely in part to CES. Here's some of the best.

2011 tech priorities: How to take your enterprise Wi-Fi network to the next level
"With 802.11n, enterprise Wi-Fi networks are shifting from convenient to critical. They’re becoming the preferred and primary network access for users – which means IT groups have to rethink how they deploy, secure, manage and run the wireless LAN."

Blueprint for multimedia-grade Wi-Fi arrives 
"A new cross-industry group has defined a basic blueprint for creating a multimedia-grade Wi-Fi network. The document, available now, is a first step toward what the group hopes could eventually result in an independent entity using it to test and certify a minimum level of 802.11n performance under a consistent set of conditions"

2011 tech priorities: Are you ready to shake things up?
"We've identified six key areas where IT can help reshape the business and equip employees to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Are you ready to act?"

Eye-Fi Direct Mode Beams Photos From Your Camera to Your Mobile Device—Without Needing a Wi-Fi Network
"Eye-Fi's magical wireless memory cards beam photos from your camera to your computer over Wi-Fi, but soon they'll be able to transfer images from your camera to your mobile device as well—except without requiring a regular Wi-Fi network."

make-way-for-generation-y: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

"Technology Is in Their DNA
The single most important difference between Gen Y and earlier generations: The Millennials' familiarity with technology. Gen Y cut its teeth on computers and digital media."

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » 8 Ways to Improve Wireless Service
"Make sure your wireless LAN can support the growing number of mobile devices and the increase in complex data traffic"

Qualcomm Buys Atheros - Wi-Fi Networking News
"Qualcomm's purchase of Atheros makes perfect sense, as it gives the company an instant strong position in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other related technologies"

Aruba Announces Wi-Fi Solution for In-Store Mobile Marketing |
"Aruba Networks (NASDAQ: ARUN | PowerRating) today announced a new Wi-Fi Solution for in-store mobile marketing, developed in partnership with Digby and Nearbuy Systems, that enables retailers to provide highly-personalized and differentiated customer interactions."
*Disclosure - I have worked with both Aruba and NearBuy and seen parts of this solution. I must say, NearBuy's solution is fairly unique and innovative, using Wi-Fi location tracking in the infrastructure coupled with video camera data to refine accuracy.

Wi-Fi is Leading-Edge Technology in 2011 | News & Opinion |
"We want Wi-Fi and we want it in everything. A new report from the Wi-Fi Alliance and Wakefield Research shows the demand for Wi-Fi is exploding with no end in sight."

Consumer Wi-Fi on the Rise, Spilling Into the Workplace -
"Many of the use cases driving Wi-Fi Direct - wireless photo sharing, multi-user gaming, video streaming - are consumer-oriented. However, employers are likely to find many interesting business use cases."

WPA Cracked? Unlikely, Despite Headlines - Wi-Fi Networking News
"A German security researcher snagged some great headlines today, but I suspect the impact is modest"

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