Packet Pushers Unplugged #4 - Too Many iPads

Enterprise support for consumer devices is definitely one of the hot topics these days for Wi-Fi engineers and IT departments. Check out the latest Wireless Unplugged episode of Packet Pushers Podcast, hosted by Greg Ferro (@etherealmind), and featuring the expert opinions of Jennifer Huber (@jenniferlucille), Chris Lyttle (@wifikiwi), and myself (@revolutionwifi).

In this episode we discuss the iPad as well as other relevant wireless topics, including:

- 802.11n adoption in the enterprise may be driven by iPads and iPhones today, and Android in the future. This may drive the greater of adoption of wireless networking generally.
- Will the prevalence of personal hotspot devices end up ruining enterprise guest networks? Guest networks are becoming important systems for external consultants and contractors and the wireless networks need to be more reliable. Discussions of some of the challenges around this.
- Fast roaming and why it’s important in an enterprise environment, especially with 802.1x/EAP authentication; forthcoming Wi-Fi Alliance Voice Enterprise certification.
- Keith R Parsons moving to Ruckus.

Packet Pushers Podcast: Wireless Unplugged Show #4 - Too Many iPads

Thanks to all participants for the great discussion! It's always an honor.