Articles Worth Reading: 12/30/2010

Here are a collection of articles from the past week that I have found useful, interesting, or enlightening. As always, for a complete list of articles check out my shared article feed from Google Reader.

Unplugged – Show 4 – Too Many iPads – My Etherealmind

* 802.11n adoption in the enterprise may be driven by iPads and iPhones today, and Android in the future. This may drive the greater of adoption of wireless networking generally.
* Will the prevalence of personal hotspot devices end up ruining enterprise guest networks? Guest networks are becoming important systems for external consultants and contractors and the wireless networks need to be more reliable. Discussions of some of the challenges around this.
* Fast roaming and why it’s important in an enterprise environment, especially with 802.1x/EAP authentication; forthcoming Wi-Fi Alliance Voice Enterprise certification.
* Keith R Parsons moving to Ruckus."

2010: The Enterprise Wi-Fi Year in Review -
"Thanks to 802.11n, there's a good chance 2010 was the year a wireless LAN became your default network access method. This retrospective from Wi-Fi Planet looks at the major deals, improvements in technology and changes in the market that pushed Wi-Fi ahead in the enterprise."

* I had the honor of contributing to this great article by Lisa Phifer.

Breaking GSM Security With a $15 Phone
"Whatever assurances have been given about the security of GSM cellphone calls, forget about them now."

802.11: Safety equipment for outdoor WLAN deployments
"Deploying outdoor network is hard. It is hard technology wise. One is bound by the limitations of the technology (the 802.11 standard), regulatory restrictions (FCC and the likes) and the environment itself (buildings, trees, hills, weather changes, etc). And once you have designed the network, you have to deploy the network." » AT&T Expands Public WiFi
"AT&T will expand Wi-Fi hot spots in New York’s Times Square just ahead of New Year’s celebrations and is also deploying its first hot spots in a public, outdoor area of San Francisco, the Embarcadero waterfront district."

How to Get Your Idea Approved - Amy Gallo - Best Practices - Harvard Business Review
"When you have an idea, proposal, or recommendation that you believe in, it's easy to presume that getting it approved will be a breeze. If you see how great the idea is, won't everyone else? However, whether an audience accepts an idea is often less about the idea itself than about how you present it. When you need approval, don't assume that just because it's brilliant, others will see it that way — convince them."

Layer 2 vs Layer 3 in Wireless Mesh: Do You Have to Choose? « Mesh Without Wires
"Layer 2 vs Layer 3 benefits and trade-offs have been a topic of discussion for a couple of decades as both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks."

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